Principal Investigator

Kelly Arnold picture

Kelly Arnold, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Biomedical Engineering

BS: Rice University
PhD: University of Virginia
Postdoc: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Systems Biology, Mucosal Immunology, Inflammation

Phone: 734-763-5230
Office: NCRC 520-G355

Graduate Students

Melissa Lemke

Sixth Year PhD Candidate | Biomedical Engineering

BS: University of Michigan
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Female Reproductive Health, HIV 

Office: NCRC 520-G356

Christina Y. Lee

Fourth Year PhD Candidate | Biomedical Engineering

BS: University of Virginia
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Infectious Diseases, Vaginal Microbiome

Office: NCRC 520-G360

Katarina DiLillo

Fourth Year PhD Candidate | Biomedical Engineering

BS: Lafayette College
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Data-driven Modelling, Fibrotic Diseases, Inflammation

Office: NCRC 520-G360  

Suzie Shoffner

MD/PhD (MSTP) | Biomedical Engineering

BS: Princeton University
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Mathematical Modelling, Autoimmune Diseases, Dermatology

Office: NCRC 520-G360  

Robby Theisen

Second Year PhD Student | Biomedical Engineering

BS: University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Immunology

Office: TBD 

Undergraduate Students

Emily Bozich

Jenna Diegel

Alumni – Graduate Students

Catherine (Katy) Norman, Ph.D.

Current position: Sanofi | Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Scientist

BS: Trinity University
Research Interests: Systems Biology, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis


Alumni – Undergraduates

Kelly Crumley
Undergraduate Student | Engineering

Neha Bidthanapally
Undergraduate Student | Engineering

Caroline Woody
Undergraduate Student | Engineering