Photo Gallery


September 2017 – Kelly, Katy, and Melissa at the BME Bicentennial Gala featuring Doug Lauffenburger

May 2017 – Kelly, Katy, and Melissa at the Second Annual Spring into Fitness BME 5K featuring Burke and Ryan Arnold 


April 2017 – Kelly and Melissa at the 2017 Mucosal Systems Meeting in Banff


 April 2016 – Caroline and Neha at the 2016 University of Michigan UROP Spring Research Symposium


2015 – Kelly, Katy, and Eric at the 2015 Arnold Lab Christmas party featuring Meat Gear and Joe/Ann Decker

20151219_205803 (1)   

2014 – Kelly at the Stellenbosch valley gathering with collaborators in South Africa featuring Ryan Arnold